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College Campus Life

From the very beginning,we have sought to establish a connection between living and learning. Originally patterned after the Colleges at ACS Group(ACS Nagar), the House system reflects the founders' goals of a true residential college, a "collegiate way of living." We strongly feel that learning together has meant living together. A special residential plan for freshmen followed by three years in the comprehensive House system for students more than simply a place to live. We guarantee every student College housing for four years.

By design, residential life that brings together students and faculty is an essential part of our experience. Nearly all students choose to live on campus for their full undergraduate careers.

The College provides considerable support to student organizations and other activities, and both novices and accomplished practitioners find opportunities to participate and explore. Indeed for many students extra-curricular activities provide an important part of their education, as well as ways to contribute to the rich community life of the College.

The future careers of many students are influenced by their non-academic commitments, in journalism and literature, music and the arts, public service, religious life and business, to name just a few.